Why are we here? Who really wrote the Bible? Was Jesus actually a messenger of God? Can science and religion be reconciled? Do we have free will?

Divine Wisdom and Warning: Decoded Messages from God introduces a new way of using the ancient system of Gematria to solve these and other timeless questions. Nicholas Gura has developed an original technique, easily reproducible without the use of computers, that uncovers hidden, encoded messages in the Bible. These mathematically generated messages are both profound and metaphoric and will contribute to the meaning, quality, and purpose of our lives.

Divine Wisdom and Warning reveals new insights on the parting of the Red Sea, suffering, quantum physics, the environment, treatment of women, and answers the eternal question: What is God’s true religion?




WOW!!! Hats Off.
— Yoram Ettinger, former Israeli Ambassador to the United States
I am blown away by Nick’s work—it is wild and very powerful.
— Rabbi Yael Levy, “A Way In: Jewish Mindfulness”, Mishkan Shalom, Philadelphia, PA
After many years of exploring the deeper, hidden meanings that lie behind the words of the world’s greatest best seller of all time, Nick Gura has finally put his years of research down on paper, for a book which should be an exciting journey, dealing as it does with some of the major questions of our time. Are the incredible events of our time the fulfillment of Divine promises past? Nick’s fascinating research, utilizing modern science and ancient, often mysterious traditions, makes a pretty convincing case. If like me, these questions fascinate you, you will probably not be able to put this book down!
— Rabbi Binny Freedman, Director of Isralight, Dean of Orayta Yeshiva, Jerusalem
Nick Gura is a gematria whiz. He is able to unlock so much contemporary, relevant wisdom for the words of the Torah. This book will open up new vistas of Jewish knowledge to learners of all levels.
— Rabbi Elie Weinstock, Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun, New York City