What Distinguishes Humans from Animals?

Ecclesiastes 3:19 states: "For the preeminence of man over beast is naught for all is vanity." When the phrase "the preeminence of man" (Oo-mutar Ha-adam) is analyzed gematrially, it's found to have a numerical value of 702. The three specific and unique Hebrew letters that correspond exactly to 702 spell "Sabbath" (Shabbat).

From this we learn: what distinguishes humans from all other species is that only humans can declare the Sabbath day as a day distinct from all other days. And if we rearrange the three unique Hebrew letters that spell "Sabbath," they spell ""Shame of," (Boo-shot). This is interpreted as a divine rebuke: if we do not honor the specialness of the Sabbath day, then we are shameful.